HTC_HD7_pic01 Loving the devices but turned off by the storage?

With the recent barrage of WP7 devices getting leaked accompanied by specs showcasing the majority of phones offering 8GB of internal storage competing against the iPhones and Androids of the world it begs the question is that enough?  The iPhone of course comes in 16GB or 32GB versions and Android has expansion slots to supplement their internal memory up to 32GB it doesn’t look too good.  Are the WP7 8GB devices destined to epically fail or is Microsoft’s emphasis on streaming data its secret weapon to overcome on-board memory limits and fight on even ground with the iPhone and Android?

Personally I would love a 16GB seeing as how I’ll be streaming most content going forward.  Hello, Zune Pass!  Anyone else see an alternative streaming solution to this potentially deadly problem? Let the protest begin! Sound off in the comments.


  1. I definitely think there needs to be more that 8GB of storage. I want to be able to enjoy pictures, video and music all of the time. What happens when AT&T’s data network takes a crap? Have I now lost my mobile media player? When I’m on a plane and want to check out some video files am I going to have to take up a significant chunk of my phone’s memory to do that?

    Streaming is dreaming at this point. I don’t want to have to rely on that.

  2. Off subject, both this is the third time I’ve seen that picture so I got to ask: What devices are those? They been compared but I don’t know which is which since all WP7 phones look the same from the front.

    Back on subject, anything less than 16GB is bullcrap. I’m ready to get a 32GB Micro card now. With more phones being able to support damn near every codec out, I convert less and less video. I have 6GB of music on my card at all times (phone is my music player for the truck) and I’ll throw two or three movies on there at least a GB a piece.

  3. I think I need more than 8GB, probably 16GB. Streaming would be a nice alternative, IF it was aviable in my country at launch. So where’s my piece of the cake?

  4. @BennyJ: Another poster told me they both are the HTC HD3. One of the phones is just held up closer to the camera so it looks a little different because of the angle.

  5. This is why I really wish Sprint was getting a WP7 at launch. I have unlimited data and would abuse the heck out of Zune Pass but having to go to AT&T and their data plans i’m really scared my data costs are going to go through the roof.

    I plan on having ton of games and vids on my phone so music isn’t as much of a dealbreaker. I’ll probably find myself syncing new playlists every week or whenever i’m at my computer which is pretty much whenever i’m not at work.

  6. I’ll try this again. LOL If the one on the right is the HD3 (assuming here because it has WP7) WTF is the one on the left that’s running WM6.5?

  7. The one on the left is also running WP7 not WM6.5. You are just seeing HTC’s background image they include in their phones for the lockscreen image.

  8. 8GB is definitely not enought and streaming is certainly NOT a viable alternative. Whats the point of the Zune software to sync music and video files if you’re suppoed to stream them anyway? This is just a case of OEM’s being cheap, and MS was stupid enough not to see this coming. Even Samsung who released the Omnia years ago with 16GB versions has only shown an 8GB WP7 devcie, as much as I like WP7 this is going to be a major sticking point when compared to the android and the iphone and yes, it could mean a complete failure if higher capacity devices dont appear ASAP.

  9. Unfortunately, the days of unlimited data over wireless networks appear to be numbered. I am already on an AT&T limited data plan. If I only have 8 Gigs of local storage + 2 gigs of TOTAL data a month… that’s not enough.

  10. Totally agree that 8GB is not enough space. The one thing that might save these phones is the allowed internal but non user accessible SD card. I seriously hope the companies are going to go with a 16GB+ card on top of the 8GB that is built-in. Streaming is nice to supplement decent storage, but with a 2GB limit, streaming will be limited (in addition to being a drain on the battery). Plus as someone else said, I need the phone to have some storage for travel. I could fill up at least 8GB with just music, add in some podcasts and movies and 8GB is not going to cut it.

  11. What’s wrong with the storage on most WP7 devices announced so far. They all have 8GB of storage only (except the LG E900).

    Is it a joke? I was looking forward to buying a WP7 device at launch, but never I could spend some money on a device limited to 8GB only.
    And more over no expandable memory.
    8GB was the storage of my old K800i 4 years ago!

    16GB or 32GB shall be standard. And I am ready to pay more.

    Do you want the failure of WP7 with such ridiculous minimum requirements?

  12. Oh and I won’t stream datas.
    Why should I waste my datas when it is so easy to have them already stored.

    How can you stream when you are in the plane,
    How can you stream when you are abroad
    How can you stream when you are in the subway
    How can you stream some movies or thousands of mp3s.

    Give me back my 16GB storage!
    Everything under 16GB is just crap.

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