htc-omega-windows-phoneI am not a huge fan of white colored devices even though they attract a lot of interest from consumers and the press. The iPhone and several Android phones have both been released in white. But what about Windows Phone device owners? Where’s the love Microsoft? If you like white devices, then check out the leaked press release photos of the HTC Omega.

Outfitted in white and silver garb, the HTC Omega confirms that we can expect to see a front facing cameras on Mango devices. Rumors also indicate we will see a 1.5GHz single core processer and an 8 mega pixel camera in the Omega. The only downside for me is the tiny screen size which is said to be a 3.8 inch Super LCD.

Perhaps the earlier reports of the Eternity will pan out and we will see a large sized 4.7 inch screen Windows Phone loaded with Mango goodness. The earlier rumors that were sort of dismissed appear to be more realistic as it too was said to come with a 1.5GHz single core processor and a 8 mega pixel camera. Even though I passed on the HD7s that came to the Death Star, the Eternity might be the final straw to get me to drink the Windows Phone Kool Aid and maybe (gulp) pass on the iPhone 5.

[via pocketnow]


  1. Any leads to were this awesome phone will be headed?.I really hope Omega makes it’s debut on the AT&T floor!! Will definitely get this phone if it does. Also it’s nice to see new looks out there for our windows phones.

  2. Can September 1st get here already? I need to know what carriers are getting what Mango phones so that I can prepare myself.

  3. ayou complaning about not liking white phones? Me personaly would love to see more colours seriously, I’m sick of these black slabs all the time,the Toshiba IS12T has some good colours I would love to get my hands on the green, I was playing with the phone in the au KDDI store a couple days ago and it feels solid and looks nice, I want colours and I am looking at Nokia to do so for me..

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