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Spinballs, FIM and a Lot Of OTher Apps Hit WP Market

The Marketplace just opened up apparently with a lot of new apps hitting the market today. Let’s go through some of them. Spinballs is a game that Windows Mobile fans probably know very well. It’s a logic/puzzle game where you rotate the discs to connect the same color. It’s fun as most of you likely know already. It’s $3 but there’s a free trial.

FIM Facebook Chat is a Facebook instant messaging app for your phone (if you choose to not just go with using IE). Oh, it’s free.

ImaZing is a photo editing app that lets you do a series of simple photo effects to your pictures like rotation, pixelate, distort, sepia, black and white, sepia, cropping and red eye among others. This app is free. It looks like a nice free alternative to the paid photo apps we’ve shown, but the paid apps do have a lot more features so it all depends what you’re looking for in your photo editing.

Freshy! Ski & Snow Report gives you free reports on snowfalls and ski resort conditions. Good timing with winter starting to hit the country hard.

Photocard lets you take a photo and turn it into a classic looking postcard with an image on one side and a personal message on the other side that you can then email. It’s $.99 and looks pretty nice.

And I can’t help but to mention Bird Droppings. You play the role of a bird on a telephone wire and you need to crap on an innocent person below. The wind varies based on the level you play and the size of the person changes as well. It’s sort of like paper toss…but with a crapping bird. Anyway, it’s $.99 and seems funny enough to try.

There are a lot more apps that were added today so fire up Marketplace and take a look for yourself.

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