htc-titan-windows-phoneIf you are ready to drink the Windows Phone Kool Aid when Mango rolls out, then one of the phones a lot of folks will be considering is the HTC Titan that was announced yesterday in London. As well all Windows Phones the first thing everyone started tweeting about was if AT&T was going to get it. It’s obviously anyone’s guess, but what scares me is how long will it take them to eventually get if they do? Remember the HD7s? T-Mobile was rocking the 4.3 inch screen since launch and AT&T comes up short once again with a large screen device by adding it too late. So what are your options? How about unlocked?

Mobile Fun just sent me an email saying that they are now taking preorders for the HTC Titan 4.7 inch beasty right now. This is a SIM Free device that is unlocked. So you can take it to the T-Mobile camp should you thumb your nose at the likes of AT&T. So cool right? 4.7 inch screen with a 1.5 GHz processor. Did I mention the price? Did I mention it has a 8mp camera with an F2.2 lens and a BSI sensor that give you high resolution images? Did I?

Okay the price. The HTC Titan Windows Phone is only £509.95 Inc. 20% VAT (£424.96 ex. VAT). If you live on this side of the pond the price is $826.93. Wow. We cannot be sure where AT&T will price their version should they get it. I would bet that it would be $599.99 off contract. That would make the unlocked devices go for $226 more money. It’s a brilliant device, but I think for that much money I would have to pass on the unlocked version and just wait for a carrier version to come out here in the US.

If you live on the other side of the Atlantic and want to jump on this pre-order, head on over to Mobile Fun.


  1. I like it but:
    1. Does it have the extra bright screen (dunno how you call it) like the Samsung has?
    2. Does it have the so-called “Gorilla screen” like the Samsung has
    I hope, really hope that the buttons are not soft keys.. I am tired of jumping to Bing whenever I hold my phone

  2. Will the unlocked version allow me to use AT&Ts 3G Network? I actually prefer an unbranded phone, makes it look better.

  3. What the hell is with this soft key craze? It really bugs the sh#@ out of me. I love my Focus, but I hate these capacitive buttons.

  4. I’ve stated for a while that i’ll be purchasing my next phone unlocked. However I will wait for the next month to see what other options are out there. I keep getting friends wanting to video chat with me using Skype and I keep refusing the call. No need to see what anybody looks like after dark except for the wife.

    @Vince: The screen on the Titan is Super LCD so not the same as AMOLED or Super AMOLED. Also no mention of gorilla glass being applied to either HTC device.

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