Roger Peters has provided some “pre-alpha” versions of Windows Phone 7 apps that he’s working on. Here’s Castaway – a game he notes is missing parts of the UI and functionality but you still see a pretty neat game underneath and I like the detail of the waves moving at varying speeds. The second game is called Matchingo2 which is a classic matching game. You can see some nice animations, bonuses and varying degrees of difficulty in this video.

Why release early builds? Looking for a dev device

Head over to Roger’s Blog for more info.


  1. I must be missing something here. there is a windows phone section, and a windows mobile section to this board. then why are the first several articles each day in the windows mobile section devoted to windows phone? so many WP. not everyone can switch devices at the drop of a hat and jump on the WP bandwagon. I might suggest putting all the WP articles in the WP group ONLY.

  2. I agree in concept…maybe we need a poll:) I’ve always viewed WM as an extension of FuzeMobility and it had WP7 news but I agree that if we have seperate domains it makes sense…

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