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Helium Voice Free Gets More Cloudsy

imageHelium Voice Free comes from Rene Schulte (as in Pictures Lab – the app for editing photos on your Windows Phone). It just got an update that lets you share you helium voice through Sound Cloud. Here are the details:

Record your voice, have fun with the helium balloon and upload your recording to the cloud.
Isn’t it fun to inhale some helium from a balloon to pitch up your voice? This is now also possible with your Windows Phone. Just record your voice, then move your finger up or down over the balloon to inhale or exhale helium from the balloon. It’s also possible to make a deeper voice with Helium Voice.
You can then upload your recording to and you can also share it with your friends on Facebook,Twitter or via email.
The last recording is saved and automatically loaded when the app is restarted.

It’s currently just outside of the top 100 apps in Marketplace which is pretty impressive.

You can check it out here in Marketplace. There’s also an ad-free version available for $.99.