A favorite of ours, which was teased for WP7 a while back, is now available for Windows Phone 7. In fact Doug Smith, former Windows Mobile fanboy turned traitor, was absolutely psyched about the initial news of its release, and now it’s available.

Don’t take risks with your passwords, accounts, cards or ID numbers. Keep them protected, secure, and convenient in eWallet® GO!
Ilium Software’s secure and reliable password manager is perfect for storing your credit cards, usernames, PINS and more. You’ll love having all your info at your fingertips and available anywhere.
eWallet GO! makes it easy to get started fast, with 30 ready-to-use templates for you to enter all your important information. You’ll be set up in no time and ready to work your data whenever you need it. Plus, eWallet GO! lets you assign your cards to multiple categories, so you’ll never have to second guess where you saved any of your cards. You can put your Windows Live login card in categories like ‘Websites’ and ‘Passwords’, and find it fast if you’re in a hurry. Or save your company credit card info in both a ‘Credit Cards’ and ‘Work’ category if you want. It’s your info – save it however you like, and access it fast without worry!
You’ll stay safe online too. Make strong passwords that can’t be guessed or cracked for online finances – or any site – because eWallet GO! remembers them for you!
Plus, with eWallet GO! backing up and restoring your wallet is a snap. Just use Google Docs or Dropbox and you’ll be able to save your wallet file easily.
And don’t forget all the security in eWallet GO! You’re protected by the power of 256 AES encryption. You can be sure your info is secure and available ONLY to you.
Trust your important information to the best – get eWallet GO! today.

Its available for $5 (under Productivity) and that’s actually cheaper than the iOS version that’s $10. Sweet!


  1. Glad to finally see the big names like Resco and Illium coming around to WP7, but this one was a few days late for me. Not sure about the backup solution either. Can the file be moved both ways on Google Docs or Dropbox and what about multiple device sync or a desktop client. Their website has not caught up yet.

  2. I was wondering about sync to desktop client also. Would be great if it did. I personally have used SplashID but have used eWallet back when I had a Palm and it would fit the password remembering need that I have. But I want desktop client and sync.

  3. Dont want to take anything away from this post but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didnt suggest you take a look at the post I did on Sky Wallet a few days ago. http://mobilitydigest.com/mobility-digest-review-sky-wallet-for-wp7-syncs-with-skydrive/
    Syncs with WindowsLive SkyDrive with a single tap so the same file can be shared with multiple WP7 devices and the dev has stated on his site that he is working on a desktop client that will also sync with SkyDrive. So one password file that can be accessed and synced by all of your Windows devices. I lke that.

  4. I am going to have to send a cross email to Julie at Ilium for not letting us know. Bad Julie. Anyway I bought the app for my iPhone and all is good in the world again.

  5. This is the BEST news I’ve received in awhile. I’m still lugging around my old winmo phone in my laptop bag only because it has all my eWallet information in it. I have to go check this out, but I’m afraid that my excitement may be tempered by reading your notes here – are you saying it can’t be synced with the desktop client? I still have all my info on my ewallet desktop client and was hoping that when ilium came around I could simply load their WP7 solution and then sync to bring down my info from the desktop. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case, though. If I could do that then I could finally stop lugging around my fuze. If not, I’m very nervous because I just had to go through a hard reset and re-load all my apps. If there’s no backup of eWallet I’d lose all my info if this ever had to happen again. What to do?!?

  6. Just checked out their website – apparently they are offering backup to and restore from Google Docs or DropBox, so at least the data is being backed up and can be restored. It does say that it won’t sync with other versions of eWallet (Boo!) but that they are hoping to release a free conversion tool that will convert the info to the new Go! product soon (YAY!). I guess I’ll hold onto my $5 waiting for the conversion tool.

    It is nice to see that they have jumped onboard the WP7 train though!

  7. “We hope to release a free conversion tool soon…” I could have sworn that when I bought this the selling point was not to have to worry about different platforms. I don’t mind buying it (again), but not syncing with the desktop version and not using SkyDrive really is nagging at me. I guess I set the bar a little too high with my expectations…

  8. I am a longtime FlexWallet user and tried our ewallet, but decided to wait until wm7 version was released to convert. The number 1 reason i use it is to have t synced between my primary desktop and my phone. I probably use the desktop version 2-3 times a day.

    The lack of syncing between the 2 is driving me to look at other options.

    Not sure why they couldn’t use MS Syncing, like I have with my photos on the phone and Zune, Google Docs and DropBox seem like overkill. Of course I don’t know why MSFT doesn’t sync more personal docs, but that’s a different story.

    I guess I’ll look, and maybe wait until Ilium releases syncing.

  9. I’m also a longtime user of eWallet and use the desktop version all the time and sync to my phone so I can get critical info on the go. Without the sync this new version is useless in my opinion. Hopefully they will fix this major flaw. I’m not sure what other options are available, but I will reluctantly review them. I’ve waited 2 months since I got my WP7 for this unacceptable version and can’t wait another 6 months for it to be fixed! They have an iPhone version that appears to sync. Not sure why they didn’t do it for WP7. Maybe they put a rookie coder on the project?

  10. Sky Wallet is syncing with Windows Live SkyDrive, so no reason eWallet can’t do the same. And Sky Wallet is planning a desktop client (in the near future) that will also sync w/SkyDrive. So multiple locations/devices-one file. Illium already has a desktop client, so it does not sound all that difficult for them to develop a sync scenario with the Cloud.

    I was a long time CodeWalletPro user but was not going to wait around for Developer One to create something so I switched over to Sky Wallet, because I think their desktop syncing will come sooner than later. I would recommend contacting Illium and suggest they rethink their strategy. Desktop/mobile device sync is the most important part of a mobile wallet, afgter security of course.

  11. I have used ewallet since the dawn of the Windows Smart phone, upgrade so many times that I can’t count and now with several hundred items in the wallet i am forced to make the hard decision. Since there is no conversion from eWallet to ewallet Go! and that forces me to convert by hand, I feel really resentful that they neglected this migration path and do not feel inclined to reward them for their neglect. So “Sky Wallet” will probably get my vote when my Win7 phone arrives in two days.

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