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Ilium Software’s eWallet coming to WP7

Apps come and go, but for me, there has always been one that I could not live without, eWallet by Ilium Software. The eWallet app keeps everything I need to know 256 bit encrypted and right where I an get to it quickly. Not only is the mobile app excellent, the Professional version allows you to sync with desktop software every bit as handy as the mobile app. I use it almost daily to remember passwords, serial numbers, and a ton of other things I cannot seem to ever remember. I even have my Furnace Filter dimensions in there because I can never seem to remember it!

This is great news and I cannot wait to try this out when WP7 is released!

eWallet for Windows Phone 7

October 12th, 2010 by Marc

ewwp7sm_thumbWith the official Windows Phone 7 announcement going out yesterday, I wanted to let you know that we’re working on a version of eWallet for Microsoft’s new mobile OS! eWallet for Windows Phone 7 is designed to perfectly fit the look and feel of the new OS. It takes the best features of eWallet and adapts them to Window Phone 7’s unique interface.

If you’ve gotten your hands on a Windows Phone 7 device, you know that Microsoft has created a really compelling OS. I know a lot of people had their doubts, but I have to say that Microsoft pulled out all the stops on this. The end results are devices that are really exciting to design software for.

Unfortunately, I can’t offer much more at this stage – you’ll have to wait for the official release for that – but I did include a screenshot below to give you a little hint of what we’re working on!

[via: JAMM]