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There are some rumors that Apple could possibly be moving towards a smaller 19 pin port from their current 30 pin port. This really does not any sense to me since it is going to piss off a lot of people who have expensive docks and accessories that use the current connector. I think if Apple does end up releasing the phone with a smaller port we can see a huge boom in adapters that convert the 19pin to 30 pin. This could be a potential business opportunity for someone out there. Start thinking of ways to make functional and effective adapters. People would probably be willing to pay $20 or even more to just buy an adapter than to replace all their accessories. There was another rumor that the Iphone 5 will have nano sim too. This is the trend in technology anyways, smaller, faster, and bigger screens. So I won’t be surprised if we see both of these rumors come true. What are your opinions on the new connectors and nano sim cards?


  1. Apple doesn’t license the male portion of the 30 pin. This will probably not be a huge market past Apple’s official adapter that will be inevitably released.

    Apple doesn’t need 30 pins anymore. The ONLY reason the 30 pin existed was for firewire support. PERIOD. Firewire is dead. 19 Pin will allow apple to maintain the control features of docks, USB, and future interfaces.

    Anyway, I have two things that have iPhone docks, and if apple releases an adapter that works on them, then that’s great.

  2. They are going to the 19 pin connector to help conserve space for the LTE Chip also. Nano SIM also will free up space.

    • Im thinking something new, that incorporates magsafe because of the high complaints and returns on the sync cable…. ha

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