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Iphone 5 to Have a Smaller Connector Port?

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There are some rumors that Apple could possibly be moving towards a smaller 19 pin port from their current 30 pin port. This really does not any sense to me since it is going to piss off a lot of people who have expensive docks and accessories that use the current connector. I think if Apple does end up releasing the phone with a smaller port we can see a huge boom in adapters that convert the 19pin to 30 pin. This could be a potential business opportunity for someone out there. Start thinking of ways to make functional and effective adapters. People would probably be willing to pay $20 or even more to just buy an adapter than to replace all their accessories. There was another rumor that the Iphone 5 will have nano sim too. This is the trend in technology anyways, smaller, faster, and bigger screens. So I won’t be surprised if we see both of these rumors come true. What are your opinions on the new connectors and nano sim cards?