Metrotwit is an awesome Windows 7 Twitter app (that I use) that’s extremely full featured, slick and easy to use. Well it now has a Windows 8 counterpart. The Windows 8 version isn’t feature complete at this point but you can still give it a go. The devs explianed that they needed to redo a lot of the code and it’s not a straight port. but Microsoft employees assisted with the app.

Mouse support in Metro also presents a whole new set of challenges. We designed for both mouse and touch from the start and believe we found a good balance between the two in terms of usability.

We are proud to be one of the first applications that have built-in support for “edge scrolling”, that is, a type of horizontal scrolling triggered by the mouse when it reaches a vertical screen edge (as seen in the Start Screen). We believe this is a necessity for mouse usability in a panoramic Metro experience.

MetroTwit for Windows 8 also includes a comprehensive and almost no-compromise Snap view. Snap is a killer new feature in Windows 8 and having the app docked beside Internet Explorer or the desktop works great.

You can check it out here for Windows 8.


  1. It has Live Tiles inside the app. How cool is that?! Looking forward to the finished version.

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