imageSeveral folks at MD have been playing with Windows Phone developing, but with a part-time paycheck, the $100 price tag kept turning me off.

I seem to have no excuse now (other than brushing up on my 11-year never used programming degree) – the $19 price tag that was a “special” for the last month seems to now be the permanent price.

$19. That’s 1 meal for my family of 3 at McDonald’s. I guess it’s time to get cracking.


  1. I promise you will not regret it. My 2 apps are dueing great and the reason is 19 dollars to publish is a great deal.

  2. I’ll be joining you very soon. I know we’ll get the inevitable ‘free is better” nonsense but there is no credible way to not see this as a positive. Herg, i’m glad your apps are doing well. Identifying a need, producing a solution and seeing the joy of people using the apps has to be gratifying.

  3. So does that mean when I renew next March, it will only be $19? I hope so. I haven’t even bothered dev registering my 1020 yet, as there are no sideload apps around that I might want to install. Was considering not renewing, but no problem for this price. Will get around to developing one of these days.

    Oh, and the damn arrow deleted my post again when it moved to the next article. Really silly shit there. Jimmy does not approve.

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