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Microsoft To Announce Xbox TV Details Tomorrow

I don’t usually spend time about upcoming announcements but I’m looking forward to what Microsoft has in line for Xbox TV. It’s actually not huge on its face – you can ditch your cable box and instead use your Xbox for all of your media needs. So you can game, Netflix, do all your videos and pics across your network and now you’ll be able to paly TV directly through your Xbox. So moving between your various worlds is pretty seamless and you can get rid of the extra cable box. You still need to be a cable subscriber- that doesn’t go away. It’s more about ease of use and a single device for all of your media needs. On top of that the Kinect updates will bring voice controls to all of this so you can get rid of your remote as well. Rumors are that tomorrow they announce that they have deals with Comcast and Fios in place with others coming and some individual channels as well. We’ll see but I already spend more time on my Xbox than I thought I would and I love to watch it grow.

Oh and for the iOS users that don’t get it – remember how you guys were all excited to have a few individual cable channels on a 9″ screen? It’s like that but all channels on a 60″ screen…

We’ll learn more tomorrow.

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