imageWow what a week! At Bat 11, the award-winning application, is live baseball – every pitch from every at bat – all season. Follow your favorite team everywhere you go with comprehensive, up-to-the-moment action, including live home and away audio broadcasts.
Features include:
• Home and away live radio broadcasts
• Gameday pitch-by-pitch tracker
• In-progress video highlights
• Condensed Games
• Breaking news, videos and standings

It’s $15 and available in the Sports category. Sadly, no trial.


  1. The live radio broadcasts and video highlights would be nice, but between Pro Sports Scores and Score Mobile I can “almost” get play by play action, and have enough left over to buy 15 other apps.

  2. Wow, I guess to go along with the overpaid players we have this grossly overpriced app. Nice job MLB and Bud Selig. Now go call off another tied all-star game and lie to Congress about using steroids.

  3. If you are into baseball and drive alot this is perfect. You can catch every game in the league and some of the features are just flat out awesome. Yes the app is pricey but the quality is top notch.

    I’m not into baseball as much as I used to be so i’m hoping someone delivers an all-sports version with the same type of feature set. That would get my $15 definitely. Heck I might buy this app just as a show of support to delivering a top notch app to the platform.

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