I realized that my HD2 is actually slightly smaller in size than my Focus despite the Focus having a smaller screen…really?

Jokes aside, the phone feels a lot different than the HD2. It feels less bulky and I like the power key placement on the side. There’s also a nice door to cover the mini-USB port at top.

Enough of me, anyone have a real ‘really’ moment when they realized that Windows Phone saved them time and steps?


  1. The lockscreen, after setting up my live email, the lockscreen showed an appointment I had coming up and mail that I had just received. very awesome

  2. the lockscreen is definately awesome, i find the quick camera mode or whatever to be really handy. i also really like the “lack” of multitasking. its nice not having to remember to close programs or use advanced task killer and i love having apps resume in the same state they were in before even though there not using up any memory when not in use

  3. my really moment: set up a deal to get the focus. parent went to pick it up for me (im in a different city than where I live), they paid for the phone (they owed me an upgrade), but the wont give it to me till christmas……… really?

  4. @ceze: It’s a Simmons special :)

    Well yes it’s my style but my unbridled style may have been in this instance to hand you one of the fake Tina Fey images I came across. For the record.

    You know, Smith told me to cool it with the animal pictures for some reason which I think struck me as more bizarre than the pictures struck him but I’m a team player and this is how I compromise.

  5. Sorry to be the bummer, my “really” moment today was to find my local AT&T store without the WP7 display and without the ability to tell me the names of the 3 phones they offered. Once persuaded they brought out the Focus and allowed me to install the battery, and walk through the setup process on my own. During the setup I was heavily hit with Uverse promos. I took a picture of the empty display wall, it was very disheartening. Not sure where all that MS marketing money went, but somebody should be unemployed. Tomorrow, different store.

  6. my really moment is going to connect to my home wifi. went into the settings and noticed no option to manually configure a wifi connection, decided to open up the “trusty” quick start guide and saw that the phone cannot connect to hidden SSID’s….what gives??

  7. @Doug
    thanks. i have dug even futher and discovered this has been an issue since the Zune so MS is emposing this on purpose which is weird to me

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