“The new TouchXperience will of course take benefit from Mango API f.e. you can pin whatever you want on start screen (folders, shortcuts, custom tiles,…) or you can get it running in background without using any hack… I’m still working on it, no release date at the moment, and a new version of WP Device Manager is on the way.”

Take a look at what that means. See the favorite games and social apps tile? Sweetness. Hey Microsoft, you see this right? Why do third parties have to bring this? This should be available to the every Windows Phone owner.


  1. thats true companies never give their phones the full potential it can have someone always has to come in and make things better…

  2. This dude is good at what he does and all but he really wants to turn Windows Phone back into Windows Mobile way too much.

  3. @Sean: I agree to a degree, but some things deserve changing. Like theme colors for example. Been sporting dark red, even on my Mangoized device, and it’s been the best theme color by far, but not available as stock. And I tried Schaps folder setup before, but you had to; open an app, open a folder, then open an app. What a waste of time. Jumping straight to an app folder will be interesting. Could greatly reduce my Home Screen tile (at 42 right now).

    And I have been trying to turn off 3G, with a toggle, for 5 months now. Why AT&T would disable this feature is beyond me. They already get my $30/m for data so why should they care. Typically, I am around WiFi 95% of the day (work & home) and I am certain that toggling 3G would save 10-25% of battery through the day. Schap will get another bonus check if he can figure this one out.

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