According to the NYT the Lumia 900 was going to have a metal casing to it, which for me was a disappointment. As someone who has had an HD2 and a ton of HTC devices that all look and feel the same (and are heavy even though they feel solid) I was hoping for something new and it appears that we’ll get that. Pocket Now can now confirm that the Lumia 900 will have a polycarbonate unibody. We’ll learn more about this shortly but what’s your take on this?

via PocketNow


  1. My thoughts? First thing i’m doing is heading to the store to buy one. Second thing is bringing it home and slowly unboxing the phone accompanied with the oohs and aaahs sound effects in front of my wife.

    The smug look on my face as I giggle at her puny iPhone 4 and compare it to Lumia will be worth the scowl I get from her. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

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