So my AT&T store still doesn’t have any Lumia 920s in stock. I checked AT&T thinking since it was Black Friday I might be able to get a good deal, but no it’s still $99.99. I was shopping on Amazon and decided why not check the Lumia 920 price there are found it’s only $19.99 for me with upgrade price! Sadly though it’s back-ordered for 1-2 weeks and then farther down it says: “Due to overwhelming demand, shipment estimates may be longer than one to two weeks. Orders for this device will ship when available.”  It looks like by the time I can get the Lumia 920, a new phone will be out… this is ridiculous with this out of stock, either every has one or someone messed up somewhere..




  1. so I guess your hubby doesn’t care about waiting 1-2 weeks or maybe more than that for it… ?

  2. It’s a penny for new contracts; both Kristopher & my husband were upgrades.
    Demand was simply grossly underestimated. Which I am actually glad to see. I prefer to see 3 (or more) competitors in a market. It’s better for consumers.

  3. Something still seems a bit fishy though. Sure, Nokia wouldn’t want to build 5M 920s in hopes of selling them all. But they sold an estimated 300-400k of the 900s (or was it 600k). With all the added marketing, wouldn’t you plan to sell at least that many in the first 30-45 days. Did they?

    Creating demand is a good thing. But driving people to buy an HTC, or soon to be available Samsung, is not the best of ideas. Yeah, it works for iPhone, but that’s cause it’s an iPhone.

  4. Went to a store Saturday, was kind of in a hurry so could not confirm what colors they had in stock though the guy did say they had some. But they must have had at least 10 of them on display. I saw red, black, and white. They even had charging plates you could try out and the JBL speaker that charges when set on top. Website says that loc has the white only, but it would appear they are trying to create demand. I think they missed out on the biggest shopping weekend of the year, but what do I know.

    Also, I saw no evidence of a $50 price for the weekend, all displays said $99. I’m thinking of a black for me and white for the mrs, but can’t find a store with both in stock at the same time.

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