nokia-sales-lumiaI just posted our MobilityLeaks: The Great Windows Phone 8 Debate where we are discussing the future and past success of all the major operating systems for smartphones and as if to prove Ramon’s point, market research firm Strategy Analytics has released a study that indicates Nokia’s Lumia Family of Windows Phone devices exceeded that of iPhone and Android Family devices in the first three quarters of their release.  Nokia has sold 6.9 million devices compared to iPhone that sold 3.7 and Android family devices that sold 1.3 million. Nokia beating them both combined.

“We estimate Nokia shipped 6.9 million Lumia smartphones with the Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Phone operating system cumulatively worldwide during the first three quarters after commercial launch, from Q4 2011 to Q2 2012,” Neil Shah, a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement. ”This compares with 3.7 million units of the Apple iPhone family in its first three quarters during 2007, and 1.3 million units for the Samsung Android family in its first three quarters during 2009. It is an encouraging start for Nokia and Microsoft.”

There could be an argument that the smartphone market is more mature today then it was in 2007 for the iPhone and 2009 for Android, but I would not say it accounts for almost doubling iPhones sales. This is really great news for Nokia, which has struggled in the last three quarterly earnings reports and a solid shot in the arm for Microsoft as they fight hard to create a platform for their mobile division.



  1. That is hardly a fair comparison. You are comparing sales of a new phone on an established, albeit sucky, operating system. Android and IOS were both complete unknowns at the time, so it of course was a harder sell.

  2. But now Android and IOS are completely established on the market, and Microsoft hasn’t done a great job with WP 7/7.5, so i agree that this is hardly a fair comparision, on the other hand…….

  3. I agree. Nobody had ever heard of Google or Apple so there was zero anticipation for either of those phones.


  4. Keep in mind that availability of the iPhone was rather limited in the first 6 months post launch. AT&T I believe was the sole launch partner. When Android came out later, it too came out in a single model.
    While I’m personally pleased to see the numbers for Windows Phone rise, the Lumia line is launching in a very mature market, and with worldwide release.

  5. Wouldnt it be a fairer comparison to look at the first windows phones that came out? Otherwise the Nokia handset sells should go up against the iPhone 3GS or anrdoid 2.x devices.

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