Microsoft is finally talking about Xbox on your phone and I think this is a pretty effective commercial which ties their gaming platform to their mobile platform. What do you think?


  1. Excellent! Got to say they started out slower (and later) than I would have, but the stuff they have put out has been good quality. Keep it up and the pendulm will start to swing. Need a good Zune spot next.

  2. – “I can tell you ‘re playing Xbox Live”
    – “How ?”

    Hilarious !

    Good one MS, slow start but the race is only just beginning :)

  3. “To the cloud” commercials will definitely let people know that despite all the “magic” the iPad and iStuff is supposed to bring to life that Microsoft and PCs get stuff done in much broader ways.

    This commercial has to rate as #1 because of several things: (1) It appeals to the gamers who immediately understand and recognize the significance of Xbox Live on the phone. (2) Shows how are avatars reflect something about us. (3) Has a short, noticeable music spot that will undoubtedly have gotten stuck in people’s heads and they will remember the commercial because of it. (4) It shows a significant exclusive feature of Windows Phones.

    I once had to tell two co-workers of mine that they couldn’t get Xbox Live on their Androids because its exclusive to Windows Phones. They were disappointed and I was happy because for the first time I saw the power of Xbox Live and the draw it has.

  4. With XBox games representing all top 10 paid apps in Zune Marketplace, and four other game apps in the top 10 free category, 2 related to XBox, this will only help drive that momentum.

    Not sure, but I bet the users buying and downloading these games are not overly concerned with cut & paste and direct sync with Outlook. All the other stuff will come in good time, but first things first.

  5. Judging from how many grown men I see who love Xbox and Xbox Live i is a major chance for Microsoft to drive sales of Windows Phones through the roof. Heck, offer $100 mail in rebates to everyone who has a Xbox Live Gold account or offer to pay their cancellation fee. I wouldn’t be upset because with the ecosystem that would bring it would mean every single developer and development house would be crazy not to get their app to the market and fast.

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