OK so we’re now at the point where you could have gone into a store, make a friend and leave with a phone. Ramon proved that you could do it days ago but he’s got skill. If you’ve done it share your story. For the rest of us, devices are actually available tomorrow. So when you have a Windows Phone tell us what you wound up getting and what your first impressions are.


  1. I went into an AT&T store today, they have the phones on display and in stock. I tried to convince the sales rep to sell me one, he wouldn’t budge. I was afraid of losing his job.

  2. also tried to convince a rep to let me buy a focus at the ATT store, he also would not budge. Said I could wait till tomorrow

  3. I was actually told by one of the three AT&T stores in my town that today was the release day and they sold me a focus! The other two stores in town said it would not be available until the 8th

  4. I’ve been playing with mine since Friday when they came in. They just won’t let me leave the store. I’m going in tomorrow at 9am to grab mine before we open. I’ll be playing transferring my contacts and the playing earthworm jim until my thumbs fall off. First impressions… holy crap its fast. Browsing is spot on from what I’ve been able to do. I haven’t messed with a lot of apps yet, other than the HTC ones. The Notes program isn’t as flashy as the early demos showed it to be. Still works well but I wish they’d taken advantage of the live tile functionality with this one. It’s pretty crucial to be able to see tasks that you need to complete and destroys the glance and go thing microsoft is pushing. Speaker is pretty decent from what little audio was on included on the phone. It is very loud if you’re in a room by yourself with nothing going on. I was able to hear it plenty well inside Best Buy with all sorts of other audio being played across the store. I’ll be back with more Surround impressions after a few days. Stay tuned. :)

  5. getting my focus tomorrow… well actually i wont be getting the actual device till christmas. getting the phone as a gift… but i know that the device is on hold and being picked up tomorrow.. maybe i can convince the family to give me the phone on thanksgiving haha

  6. I’ve had mine for about two weeks, the HTC HD7 – really nice device and UI, has crashed a few times and the app store still needs a little more interest. But its still early days!

  7. Got my Samsung Focus this morning at 9:00. First WP 7 device sold at the downtown Boston store. So far, looks good, synched right up with my office Exchange server and Facebook account. The display looks great. First time I don’t have a HTC device with a physical keyboard in many years. I’ll see if I can get used to the on screen keyboard.

  8. Got my Focus rocking a 32gb expansion card:) Wish it weren’t a Monday and I was at home playing with the thing instead of at work…may have to fake a sickness:)

  9. haha @David K, I might have to do the same thing this afternoon when I get my Focus at 12. Formatted my 16GB MicroSD card last night in preparation for today. Can’t afford a $200 phone plus a $100 MicroSD card at this time.

  10. got my surround at 10am this morning, first impressions are amazing. speaker quality is excellent, and i will also be playing earthworm jim untill my thumbs fall off today! already transfered contacts from the sim and disabled the facebook thing in the contacts list. all i have to do is sync this baby to my computer when i get out of work.

  11. I got in to my store at 9:20. Only 2 reps (!), so I had to wait. They’d already sold their 2 (?) Focuses and said they didn’t have the Surround, even on display. But the guy went to the back and found one! So I got mine, got it home and was having fun until my husband called.
    I seem to have a dead mic. :( Tried to call my parents, and they couldn’t hear me either. i haz a sad.

  12. @marti, thats horrible :( my surround had been making and receiving phonecalls all day and i will say the sound quality is exceptionally good. far superior to either my aria or tilt2. and on a side note, im loving bing maps… way better than its goog counterpart.

  13. Picked the focus up this morning, absolutely love it. The ATT store I was at still didn’t have their displays set up, only had the focus in stock and was still waiting for delivery of the other two phones

  14. Got it!!! Walked in at 10 am to my friendly neighborhood AT&T store and was the first one to walk out with a Samsung Focus – loving every minute of it. Such a refreshing change from my iPhone :-)

  15. It’s just so funny, in a Murphy’s Law kind of way: I called hubby – he couldn’t hear me. I called my parents – they couldn’t hear me. I called my husband on our land line when we got home – he still couldn’t hear me. I even called him again on my way back to the store – he still couldn’t hear me. I got to the store, called the agent’s cell – he heard me. Called house – he heard me. Called parents – they heard me. *facepalm* *shakes fist* Damn you, Murphy!

    :) It’s working fine now. I have 29 days to see if it happens again. I just figure it’s first-day karma!

    Now to go download applications!!

  16. The AT&T sales guy put my SD card from my Fuze into my Focus, but the Focus is not seeing it (when I go to Pictures for instance). Should it work, or do I need a new one? If I format it upon resetting, will I lose all the photos on the card?

  17. yes you will lose the photos on the card, plug the card into your computer and back up all the data first then use the instructions david k outlined in his post about the focus and the memory cards

  18. Picked up my Surround this afternoon. My store only had 2 of each; Focus & Surround, plus what they had on display (1 of each). I was the first WP purchase of the day. Setup was pretty easy, but without Exchange and no Outlook sync, I have had no fun trying to sync up Outlook contacts and calendar. And IMHO, the Windows Calendar app sucks only a little bit less than the WM version. Think I will be using my Tilt2 as a PDA and this pretty phone to make calls and text. So much for progress. Converge,diverge; please make up your mind.

  19. @DavidK: still missing my smart dialing. Can I select all emails at once? Doesn’t look like it has the option.

  20. @adp: Go into email and if you press the little icon that’s a check with lines next to it you can select emails – not all at once I don’t think but the ones you need. What are you trying to do, mark all as read?

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