Remote Desktop was one of the features missing from Windows Phones. Arguably, it’s a novelty to see your desktop from your phone but in a pinch it can really save you. Anyway, RemoteIt fills a void left by MS and provide remote PC access:

You can remotely control your whole computer with your Windows Phone. Just RemoteIt! Like Remote Desktop for Windows, RemoteIt lets you remotely display and control your computer with a mouse and keyboard. You can zoom in and out with pinch, pan around the screen, tap to click, double tap to double click, and hold to right click. The computer is displayed in vibrant full color. Please download and install the RemoteIt client software on your machine at: To use, add a PC using the add button. Then type in the remote computer name (or IP address), the Windows username (add “DOMAIN\” if in a network domain), and your Windows password. Then just tap the computer name to connect. If you want to use RemoteIt outside of your local Wi-Fi, please port forward port 34301 to your computer. Please visit for port forwarding instructions. For support please email us at

It’s just $3 and there is a trial mode. Not bad at all.

Now I know there is another app called Remote Desktop in Marketplace but that’s $15. If anyone has tried that one out and tries this one out and has a side by side we’d love to hear about it.


  1. I still need a tool on the client !?! NOOOOOOOOO I just want remote desktop like on WM6.5, with the already installed Remote Desktop Protocool on each windows computer. This can´t be so difficult !!!!

  2. Funny you highlight this because a just read a few comments on the web where the lack of a remote desktop app was a major thing to them. Suck it pessimists!!!

  3. It is no solution to install some software on the host you want to access with RDP client. It should simply work on the standard RDP protocol. I cannot install some piece of host software on all servers I want to access by RDP.
    I am wondering how stupid Microsoft product managers can be to cut off all useful functions of Windows Mobile 6.5 like RDP, wifi router, documents synchronization with a Windows PC in the new WP7. Sorry to tell this as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
    It is simply ridiculous that iPhone, iPad and Android support a RDP client, only WP7 does not !
    Last question – can anyone tell me if I can install Android on my HTC HD7 ? Unfortunately with WP7 it ist not good for anything.

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  5. I need something like SymRDP for Symbian S60 5th phones. Works like a charm, really fast. See video on Youtube.

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