We were all excited for the Focus S, right? Well guess who’s not excited: Samsung and AT&T. See fit hey were you’d actually hear about the release and have fancy things like specifications and a website that says ‘coming soon’ but no. Little to nothing. AT&T’s site simply has a link to the Windows Phone Blog talking about the Focus S and Focus Flash. And the only confirmation of a release date from AT&T is from a Facebook posting. And Samsung now lists the Focus Flash as being available on November 6. What’s the storage capacity? Not listed. Let’s ask them:

It felt like Siri was responding to me…

November 6 is a big launch day for AT&T. They have the HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360 and Torch 9860. And two Windows Phones that no one knows about. Just another Windows Phone launch fail. Really hard to sell products that no one knows exist. 

Nope, things will not be changing this time around…

UPDATE: I just tried AT&T Live Chat:

Yeah they steered me to Android. How did we end things?

David: ok guess I’ll just have to wait…just seems like a strange way to release a new phone unless you guys are either delaying it or not looking to market it heavily

Sean: That is correct, I agree.


  1. Calm down David! They’re gonna give us the info, it will just most likely be Sunday when they do. But look at it this way, if they come out with 8GB, is that gonna stop you from getting one?

    I’ll get it no matter what it has, because I know I’ve already got all the music I want stored on skydrive and apps available to stream it for me, I don’t need the big space on the phone. But that’s just me.

  2. You and I may still get one but we’re already swimming in Kool-Aid. Most people are unaware of the Focus S and the collective silence of Microsoft, AT&T and Samsung is noticable. If they want to have a succesful laucnh then a stealth program isn’t the right answer. It’s not just that the specifications are still unknown (which is crazy by itself) but otherwise what have you heard about it’s release? A Facebook posting from AT&T is about it so far…

  3. Agreed, but at least the commercials are getting more to the point, like the onenote thing, great way to show off the usefullness of the windows phone and cloud.

    I agree, would be nice to see a few commercials from att or sammy showing off the devices though.

  4. You get  a better response if you call Samsung by the way. Was told yesterday that the Focus S will come in 16 and 32 gb sizes, didnt have an answer for me on the Flash. Didn’t ask if Att is supposed to get both sizes since the FB post only mentioned one price. I also do agree BIG FAIL for Microsoft, ATT and Samsung for not getting this info out, the only people who know there are new phones coming out are the ones who are looking for them. ATT quit lying your pants off about supporting WP7 all you are doing is offering phones, you don’t provide info, advertise or mention them!

  5. Didn’t  Samsung get like 8 million to help market their Windows Phone offerings?  Samsung I’d going to mess around and let HTC reign supreme again.

  6. I agree with you David, but Att and Microsoft have a big party in New York on the 7th right? I’ll give them till then to show that they’re more committed.

  7. Well I tried too David, but to no avail. And look, more android plugs from the “Premier” windows phone provider:

    Diana: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
    Abe: Hi Diana, I’m trying to find information on the new windows phones being released this weekend
    Diana: I would be happy to assist you today.
    Abe: Great, can you tell me which models are being released?
    Diana: we have a couple of android devices coming out do you have a name of the phone you are interested in?
    Abe: The names I’ve heard are Samsung Flash, Samsung Focus S and HTC Titan
    Diana: Let me take a look.
    Abe: Trying to figure out which one I should get, but don’t know how much they will be and how much storage memory they have
    Diana: Unfortunately, we do not have any information on those phones yet. We do have some Windows phones available with an upgrade on our website.
    Diana: Take a look at the Samsung Focus for $49.99 with an upgrade.
    Abe: That’s what I have now
    Diana: The HD7S is $99.99 with an upgrade.
    Abe: Well thanks for trying, looks like I’ll have to wait and see
    Diana: No problem.
    Diana: Would you have any other questions today?
    Abe: No that was it
    Diana: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great day.

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