So the PlayStation Vita is the new kid on the block and despite being new to the market and having a smaller user base than the Xbox it’s already got a Skype app. “The Skype app on PS Vita runs in "background mode" while you’re gaming or using other applications — meaning you have the capability to "pause" a game, conduct a call and then return to your previous activity — so you never miss a call.” Take that Windows Phone.

So again, Microsoft is the owner of Skype, Windows Phones and Xbox and yet the best Skype experience is on the Sony PlayStation Vita.

Awesome work guys – good use of company resources and way to really promote your ecosystem by putting it last.


  1. Yeah, Microsoft, even your own SkyDrive video show a person using an iPhone. Way to go MSFT, you want the aapl and Sony love so bad. I cannot even install Zune on PC to upgrade my wp7 phone nor can Skype run in the background of my phone nor do we have a clear idea about Apollo but all is alright for Sony.

  2. Ill give this version of skype a shot, but I’m going to go ahead and say the best mobile Skype experience is probably on iPhone/iPad. The Vita is cool, but severely lacking in many areas where the iPhone and iPad simply do not. Applications, interface and speed are just a few areas where the iPhone and iPad trounce the vita. I actually regret purchasing it at this point. The iPad even has the same GPU as the Vita, so games have very similar graphical specs, except the iPad has a MUCH MUCH higher resolution and the ability to be played on a tv unlike the vita. and the vita battery life is incredibly horrible. Not bad. Horrible.

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