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A Developer Evangelist Farted In The Woods–The Blogosphere Goes Crazy: That WP8 Coming to All WP7’s Thing Is a Fart in the Wind

So a Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Portugal stated that Windows Phone 8 was coming to all Windows Phones, even first generations phones and almost without qualification that has spread throughout the blogosphere as gospel. This wasn’t Ballmer making the statement. Wait, it wasn’t even a Microsoft spokesman. In fact this is someone who Tweets and blogs sporadically at best and there’s little history or track record for this guy.

But the story is great. I mean, it’s what we want to hear so we talk about it and we don’t analyze it. We let you guys analyze it and spread it like it’s fact. It may in fact prove to be entirely true. It may prove to be false. But in any event, the word of Nuno Silva is not the official word of Microsoft.

Now I sincerely hope that this is true. I want to believe it. In fact if it is true I’ll go buy a Lumia 900 right now (otherwise I’m holding out for a Windows Phone 8 certified device – whatever the hell that is). But for now this is link bait. A great sound bite but not a lot of actual verifiable news unfortunately.

It is a lesson for Microsoft that if this is true they should be talking about it since I think it helps sales a lot and their silence speaks volumes for me…