Take the kickstand concept, same angle, same look. Increase the screen size to 11.6″ and cut down the high quality manufacturing of the Surface so you get to drop the price. And bam:

I actually could use a little extra screen size and if that came with less weight (yeah less metal) I’d be in. At this price point it must have cheap internals though so maybe Microsoft can learn something from their copying and give me a miniSurface, maxiSurface and a SurfacePhone to round it out. Sent from my Windows Phone


  1. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Ok, now that that’s out of the way, your lawyer will be hearing from our lawyer.

  2. Yo hey my man David Special K, aka David Ketameanmuthawhat! I’m feeling the new logo, definitely. I ain’t trying to start no shit but I could live without the blue/red contrasting next to each other, but that’s just me, maybe my brotha BlackSmith thought it’s the patriotic array of colors, whatever, it works.

    When the Chinese clone your product, in the absence of significant market at least, one can turn to that bit of news and tell themselves they’ve achieved critical mass or whatever and use it as an okay excuse to pop some much-needed champagne. I’m happy for Microsoft, even though I suppose, as Apple knows all too well, the Chinese pulling crap like this can be at times irritating. Not just small Chinese operations, but the Koreans too, and they do it out in the open and too often get away with it. Everybody likes to beat up on China, okay, but those Koreans, and I’m talking about the ones in the suits, those are the real bootleggers, shameless ones at that.

    I was watching some new cop show last night, the one with that sizzling Lucy Loo chick from Kill Bill, right, well the show, it’s one of those shows where everybody’s got an iphone and an imac, you know the type, but in last night’s episode this dude busts out a red Surface to look up rapists to find the bad guy and he was able to type relatively fast on what I assume is the touch cover, I was impressed, gotta say I was impressed, both by the device and by the marketing. Lucy Loo, hell yes, right Ram?


  3. These cheap knockoffs sometimes do good also, they bring more publicity to the product. Look at Android and prior to that Windows PCs. I welcome those with open hands, but at the same time look for more malware. More malware means more popular anyway

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