I love good marketing, and Verizon never seems to disappoint. Unlike AT&T’s use of arachnid in the Samsung Infuse 4G commercial which was overwhelmingly met with harsh criticism from  our readers, Verizon took the shriek out of their leading lady and turned her into a Lara Croft Android ass kickin’ clone.

Verizon first sets the stage by releasing a 32 second teaser video where our leather clad warrior enters the arena  and squares off with the giant Android. With her sword she relieves the Android’s of it’s head which falls to her feet and ends the video. Did I mention some very cool special effects.

The second video called “Arena“ claims that “The Droid Bionic. Made from machines to rule all machines” finishes her quest to build the Droid Bionic 4G by continuing to battle the Android after the decapitation did not complete the kill. There are multiple injuries inflicted on the Android, but finally our heroine deflects the Android’s last shot back at it rendering it inoperable. She then claims her prize which is a canister containing Verizon 4G LTE. This is the last component needed to create the Droid Bionic 4G at the end of the 1:00 minute video.

I really liked the video, great Android related content, women dressed in leather, and a pretty cool and much anticipated device. How can you go wrong? It would have been great if at the end a spider could have walked out and she casually stepped on it. Would have been a great close to this video!


  1. Great commercial. When does the movie come out? Seriously, thats the number one thought running through my mind.

    This is the reason why no phone comes close to touching the iPhone for sales. Android keeps focusing on stuff like dual-core, 4G LTE, etc. Apple tells a story of how useful the phone is in simple, easy to get ways. If you didn’t know that was a phone commercial you would miss the wording on the parts.

    Apple marketing FTW!

  2. Yet another reason why it’s obvious that people who buy android are marketing suckers who buy stuff that has a cool commercial but don’t realize the product actually suck. All they car about is there’s a hot chick holding a phone. The OS doesn’t work, constantly errors and sucks down battery power like an old car drinking petrol, whose only real use is the google search to find pics of half naked women to use in their useless blog posts.

  3. Yet another frustrated consumer who is proud to think he’s better than everyone else because everyone else, unlike the elite few who bought the thing he bought, the road-not-taken product, is so suggestible to advertising that they’ll choose the awful platform because of cars and chicks and writes off the extraordinary success of a product to these gimmicks. Suckers, ehh Smitty.. bunch of suckers who are too busy sucking things to realize how superior your taste is and how as a consumer you are able, in spite of all these sexy automotive ads, to keep your eye on the ball.

    I don’t know, think I’d rather be among the suckers than think I’m better than everyone else with the collective narcissists of which there appear to be no shortage in your spiteful, elitist little circle.

  4. Heh wow those are some high production value phone commercials. I didn’t know you could take down a 1080p-eyeball monsterbot with an HDMI spear and use his dual core heart to sort of ricochet laser beams at him or whatever just happened.

    Though I think the protagonist could use a love interest in this tale. Like with a fluffy pillow-version of the Android robot in a happier light green skin color.

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