So the Edge Online is reporting some new information they got form a source close to the new Xbox, and it’s not all good I think. First there’s a new Kinect coming and it will have blu-ray capability,. The specs seem decent with an 8core AMD CPU and 8gb of ram. They’re also reporting the new Xbox will require an always on internet connection, which is good and bad I guess. The part of all this that is shocking and just plain stupid is that they’re not going to allow second hand or used games anymore on the new console!  I mean seriously, Microsoft just gave me the number one reason NOT to buy their next console, I guess I’ll be getting the PS4.



I hate paying full price for games when they come out, most of them are buggy and need to patched to make them playable, and sadly anymore it seems the games really aren’t even worth paying full price for them.

I know lots of people that strictly buy their games used or happily trade them to friends. The Edge says that the games will come with a one use activation code that ties it to the console, this means you can’t trade it in of course but this also means that my kids couldn’t take the game to their friends house to play as they do know. That’s one of the great things about physical media and the games as they are now, my kids take games to their friends or their friends bring games here to play, it seems that will no longer be possible?!

What the hell is Microsoft thinking by implementing something this stupid?!

Yeah I’ll stick to PC gaming and get the PS4 when it comes out….

Microsoft is about to lose a lot of customers if the source is correct on this one…




  1. I never thought I’d say this, but yes. If this is true, I will be buying a ps4. Such a sad day. They’ll provably try and counter this and say that you can buy another license to register it to your Xbox. like some games require for online features and expansions now. still not a policy I agree with and there are many years of precedence they can site in the PC game industry to back it up. I would counter with an examination of the strength of the PC market today.

  2. This is the type of misstep I had been hoping Microsoft wouldn’t make. If anything people will stay away from the new console and it’ll extend the life of the Xbox 360. Yes a ton of people will go for the PS4 too.

    Who in bloody hell is making these decisions?

  3. Wow!! If this info is legit, Microsoft has f-ing lost their minds!! I am one of the used consumers. I simply cannot afford new items. This will 150% make my mind up about not purchasing the new unit. Always on internet would be strike 2. I have internet at the moment due to a special 6 month price point but after that, I will likely drop internet for a while. Not acceptable.

  4. I’m not a fan of requiring an always-on connection, either. That’s precisely why I haven’t bought Diablo 3. And that will leave some consumers out, as well. Yeah, don’t like how this is going.

  5. hang on guys, microsoft is not the only ones bracing this method, sony is also rumored to have patented some disc technology that will bond to the system, there are also rumors of the ps4 controller doing the same. this is the way gaming is going, its not just a microsoft thing.

  6. also keep in mind thinks like piracy and the movement of the digital age all played their part to see it come down to this.

  7. Locking a game to a console is not stopping piracy, it’s just stupid. You won’t be able to share your games with your friends, you won’t be able to take your games to your friends house, you won’t be able to trade games. My kids always take games to their friends house to play, and they bring them here and i think everyone who has a console does it as well, makes no sense to block doing that at all.

    It doesn’t specify really if it’s locking it to the console (which is most likely) or the account, if it’s locked to the account that would really suck. My kids xbox has three accounts for each of them, that would mean would have to buy three copies of the same game and four if I wanted to play. Sorry but that’s just plain stupid.

    And if this is the way it’s going, I’ll guess I’ll just upgrade my PC and be happy with that as I won’t be getting a locked down console.

  8. Hmm…lets think…what motivation would MS have to do this? Is it MS currently forcing game publishers to include 1 time use multiplayer codes in their games today? No its the publisher who does it. These codes are more and more common on THIS hardware generation. If this protection is included in the next xbox, it will be included in the next PS. It does not benefit MS to do this on its own and against the will of the industry just to piss off customers. If this protection exists, it does so because of external pressure from publishers.

  9. Well with Office 365, and a subscription, you can install an Office app on any PC as a one time event. Maybe that’s where the “always on” Internet connection comes in to play with XBox. To verify you are the owner of said disc.

    This is how little bits of information can make a situation dangerous. Think we will know a lot more in a month.

    • True. We need to take a deep breath and see how this plays out.

      But then again, we don’t claim to be a news blog: our strength is in editorials, commentary, and b****ing. ;) That’s why we’re fans, not reporters.

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