Well Google Glasses are sold to selected few during Google I/O and it will be heading towards General Availability and it is already banned at one of Seattle’s club, http://mobilitydigest.com/mobilityleaks-google-glass-banned-sent-from-windows-mail/. Now it has some kind of competition already from GlassUp (http://www.glassup.net/) with their Augmented Reality Glasses. They are making their glasses compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone too and are available for pre-order at £299 (will be released sometime in September 2013). If you use prescription glasses, they have you covered you. In addition to this there is a Point of View Glasses, which are equipped with 8MP Camera/1080p HD Camcorder from Pivothead, http://pivothead.com/products from $299 and they have iOS and Android Apps to interact with the videos and photos you have taken from their glasses. It is very interesting to see how many are going to make accidents wearing these glasses and getting distracted and also getting banned from places for wearing these.


  1. I still don’t know what Google Glass is, other than that some bar in a Microsoft town thought it would be a good promotion for themselves to ban what would be a weird thing to do anyway, use this product in such a setting, and other than a short youtube clip I watched on a link you sent me about this bar banning thing, which got you all excited, egging me on to “troll” about it somehow, as if that’s something I’ve ever done anywhere. I’m a journalist. And like very brilliant and highly-regarded journalist, not without a few (jealous) critics who wish they could journalize as well as I can.

    Did you do an article here explaining what Google Glass is with specifics? If so, I’d like to read it so that I can be fully informed and even the playing field in our Google Glass war. Not interested if it’s from another site, another youtube clip or another article. Just something you wrote here that isn’t a bunch of poop.

    Regarding your article here, any predictions on the eventual success of Google Glass relative to this obviously superior-sounding competition?

  2. Well for that matter I too don’t other than hearsay or theresay. I know one thing for sure is that it is capable of doing AR, projecting GMail (distraction 1) somewhere, which others can see, searching (voice enabled) and sending messages, reading stuff etc. But anyway coming to the point, I know that you know about google glasses, because you are obviously proven Googlite.

  3. Sorry, this is nowhere near Google Glass, it is read only glass, basically just another screen to your smartphone.
    Google Glass is input/output…. a huge difference

    • Well, did I ever say they are equal to Google Glasses? I don’t think so. I just wanted to provide information on some cheap alternatives. And the second one is not even an Augmented Reality glass for that matter.

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman. :)

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