Microsoft has released some videos to show off their latest and greatest…and it appears to be just that. Let’s go through them :

First up is the general features of Windows Phone 7. What they’re getting at is very very tight integration between everything you care about. It’s like Sense was a good start at integrating social networking into your phone and Microsoft just exploded beyond that to integrate all of your social networking and business life into one design:

And here’s a demo of the real deal in action.  What you see is again how it keeps up with your life, has Zune integration, and hubs that update in real time.


  1. […] We finally laid eyes on the long awaited Windows Phone 7 and examined the idea behind changing their marketing and not having backward compatibility for older applications. But MS continued to show support for Windows Mobile 6.5 by releasing a new version of Marketplace which supports SD Card storage and the ability to purchase from any countries market. We even got our hands on the Blockbuster video app (that will permit downloading movies directly to your phone) and the Amazon MP3 app from the HD2. […]

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