I knew I was seeing ghosts…so I caught one on camera.  I often noticed that when I was replying to emails on my Windows Phone I was getting a faint ghosting of the keyboard in the email. Take a look at the photos (the second one I played with the contrast a drop to help you see it). The letters “BNM ‘delete’ and V” are all noticeable and above that you can see the attachment icon in the subject line.  If you have a Windows Phone test it out for yourself. I’ve looked at it a bit and the easiest way to see it is to reply to an email that has a few replies in the chain (even if conversation mode is off) and it’s best if the subject line is one line. And thar she blows. Weird right?  You can get it if you move the cursor around on other emails as well though and it’s faint generally but sometimes it’s more noticeable than others.

Confirm that you’re seeing what I’m seeing in the comments but I recall seeing this on my phones since the early days of WP (from my Focus to my Titan and now my Lumia).

Anyone at Microsoft want to squash a bug?



  1. I’ve noticed that for ages now. Before mango even. Thought it was weird at first but never really did anything about it as it never bothered me. For the record though I thought I was the only one!

  2. I’ve never noticed that… I had a Surround and now I have the Titan and I’ve never seen that on either one. Then again I wasn’t looking for it, but I think I would have noticed.. ghosting is more of a hardware issue though I would think, at least that’s the way it is on computer monitors

  3. Kristofer, it’s not quite ghosting like a monitor because there you have images that are burned here. Here, there’s an image where it shouldn’t be, but faint.
    Curious if MS chimes in and if they can reproduce it.

    • Ghosting on a monitor is not burned in images, those are burned in images, ghosting is something completely different… it’s ghosting where you’ll see things that were there before, which is pretty much what you have on your phone from what I understand…

      • It’s a bit different in that the image that is ‘ghosted’ or whatever we’re calling it never did exist where it shows on the screen. It’s a portion of the keyboard and it’s misplaced on the screen entirely. It’s always that same portion of the keyboard by the way. So the keyboard only ever apepared onscreen at the bottom but an image of it appears at top as well (in the order in the image).

  4. OMG! I only noticed this a couple of days ago as well on my titan. It doesn’t really bother me that much as it is quite faint, however I think this weird anomaly does need to be addressed.

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