Leave it to XDA and its strong, global community of WinMo enthusiasts.  For what seems like forever and a day the goal has been to merge the awesomely crafted HD2 with the latest and greatest Windows Phone OS-Windows Phone 7.  According to Pocketnow.com  the unicorn is beginning to be real.  Check out the video and let me know if having a gimped Windows Phone 7 running on the awesome HD2 is worth not upgrading to the HD7?  Oh yeah, a couple tiny little issues: (1) Its an early build that was leaked of the OS and (2) No Wireless Services to speak of.  Check out the original article below at the link.

HD2 Marries WP7

Original: Pocketnow.com


  1. What I want to know is, when is the replacement for the Tilt2 coming from HTC to AT&T? So far, I don’t see any worthy phones being offered for this supposedly “great new OS”. For all the hoopla, I think we’ve been given a second rate list to choose from, and if it doesn’t improve soon, I for one will be doing something I said I would never do—move to the dark side.

  2. The HTC 7 Pro is the replacement for HTC Tilt 2 ???

    Let’s see, no slide out keyboard, Jumbotron screen AND it’s not available through AT&T. So how is this replacing the Tilt2.

  3. I am thinking that you are mixing up the one they mentioned, and the HD7. They said the HTC 7 Pro, not HD7. The Tilt 2 was a good phone, just too slow.

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