Driving down the street and I notice the car coming towards me has its passengers pointing towards a field. So I glance and see several turkeys coming towards the road.

Luckily I had my HTC Titan on the seat. I quickly grabbed the phone, pushed the camera button and was able to capture this photo. Had it not been for the hardware button there is no way I get the picture in time. The whole sequence took about 6-7 seconds.

Another benefit of a hardware camera button that became obvious today is that we don’t always have two hands free. The hardware button allowed me to keep one hand on the steering wheel while taking the picture. No way this happens with a virtual button setup.

It might seem trivial to some but it’s just another small thing that adds up to a phenomenal user experience. Windows Phone FTW!


  1. You drive a KIA?

    Anyway, I can’t wait until Simmons comes up with his argument that he would arguably catch it faster than 6-7 secs with his Android device.

  2. He won’t, he is now running the new Nokia L900 (after he read about Steve Woz praising Windows Phone + Nokia)

  3. Gs2 MX camera “one shot” widget from locked phone to picture capture one handed. 6 seconds. Just saying. However, with 4 children under the age of 9 I wish I had a dedicated camera button. How many accidental pics do you take with the physical button? (honest question)

  4. My folks are on the edge of a wildlife preserve. Dad caught pictures a few months ago of a white turkey. Very pretty.

    It’s fun to watch them eat bahia grass seeds, too. The cock their heads to the side, put their beaks at the base of the seed stalk and ZIP! they run their beaks right up the stalk, stripping the seeds.

  5. Dregon: Your prox sensor can’t be blocked in order to activate the camera button. So no photos of your pocket or case. Not oops photos in 18 months.

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