If you just got your shiny new Windows Phone device and have websites you need to manage, then Phonealytics is a new App that will help you keep track of  your Google Analytics Account. I really like how the first panel is laid out and think it would really provide a lot of good information in a quick easy to read format. Check out below for more on Phonealytics:

Phonealytics, as you may have guessed, is a Google Analytics client for Windows Phone 7. Phonealytics focuses on speed, getting information at a glance and blending in with your phone’s OS and style.  The app is priced at $2.99 USD and is available (almost) worldwide. Get the Phonealytics app from the Zune marketplace here.

The Official Line

Phonealytics is a Google Analytics Client. With Phonealytics you get all the important traffic stats for your website available in your pocket.

Phonealytics focuses on providing information at a glance and in line with your phones theme key features include:

– Pin favourite sites to the app homepage for quick stats and access
– Configure an automatically updating live tile for your phones home screen
– Phonealytics follows your phones theme settings, no matter how white and pink you make them
– Fancy charts!

Future Features

These are the features I’ve got planned for future releases, I look forward to getting feedback and implementing some of the features you guys want from analytics on the go.

  • Keywords / Search engine reports
  • More in-depth sources and referrers report
  • Visitors report showing country, city, browser, etc


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