Big-TomHanksRecently sites have been noting that the Windows Phone marketplace has passed the 50,000 apps mark.  Ironically enough it comes at a time where we’ve seen tech bloggers and posters point out the relatively small number of apps the marketplace has compared to iOS and Android.

What often is overlooked or is failed to be mentioned is that the Windows Phone marketplace is growing at a pace that either matches or exceeds both iOS and Android.

We saw a spike in apps with the added capabilities given to developers and there are still a lot of areas the marketplace can be filled out with the current capabilities.  Augmented reality apps haven’t been as prominent as I once thought, for one.

When you add in the fact that 2012 will bring yet another set of expanded capabilities the future is bright and expanding.  Say what you will but that is nothing but good news.

Source: All About Windows


  1. Not to nitpick but looking at that chart I’d say it cruised by 50K instead of accelerated by it, especially if you widen the moving average a notch.

    Congrats on the milestone Murani, pat on the ass to you for hanging in there to get that irony.

    Hat is off to you. Oh boy, the margin with which Windows Phone managed to destroy all other >50Kers in terms of its user base growth as a function of its app market growth is immeasurable!

  2. Hey you gotta admit for a platform that barely scratches the user base of both iOS and Android that is a significant achievement.

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