Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone today and Mobility Digest was there covering it live (Photo gallery).  Also ATT officially released their windows phone site today with three windows phones, HTC Surround, Samsung Focus and the LG Quantum.  Honestly, all of these phones are crap but I dont really care that much because I am on Tmobile and will stick with Tmobile and possibly get the HD 7! The only ATT phone that I am kind of interested in is the LG Quantum and that is only because of the QWERTY keyboard. For more information on the ATT phones visit the ATT Website. They do not have much information about the phones but they do have some information about the different windows phone tiles and a few videos.

If you want detailed specifications about the various phones then David K did another post about all the windows phone specifications HERE. So go over there to check out the details on all the Windows Phones.

So far I like the Dell Venture, HD7 and the LG quantum (just for the slide out keyboard). Which phone do you like the most or hate?

Thanks Norcal for the tip.


  1. Yeah, I was kind of liking the HD7 and the HD7Pro, but I’m on AT&T. Darn those ‘exclusivity’ arrangements. I know T-mo’s service is bad at my house and non-existent at my parents. Might have to find someone on Verizon and borrow their phone for a weekend…

  2. Maybe tmobile will have the WIFI smartphone thing where you can use the WIFI network as your connection. I know a few blackberries have the UMA connection. I hope more smartphones come out with that.

  3. yeah, im only going with the quantum because i need a keyboard. after playing with my brother’s evo and my roomate’s incredible i just cant do an onscreen keyboard for email/txt. I really with the phones for ATT had some more BANG in their style.. but oh well. Im still super excited to get my hand on one of them. Also the WIFI connection would be really cool. I just with that I could get the HTC HD7 unlocked for att and still have the 3g band

  4. @norcalcolby I’m with you, but I don’t think I want to know how much they are off-contract.

    sigh I see me sliding towards the Android side of the Force.

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