Did you hear that Windows Phone 7 will not have HTML5? Holy no-shit Batman! It’s circulating like it is news but if any of the writers were paying attention they’d know that Internet Explorer in WP7 is based on a mix of IE7 and IE8 (desktop). Which of those browsers supports HTML5? Right – neither. So how the hell would HTML5 get on to the phone?

OK, so when is it coming to WP7? Well assuming that WP7 is going to continue to be a port of IE desktop going forward, the final IE9 preview came out today (with HTML5 support), the beta is coming in September and the final release is expected around April.

But how can it come without HTML5? Well it’s sort of like you right now…sitting and reading this blog without HTML5. Fine, maybe you’re using a browser with some HTML5 support but today Flash is still king. Hey Wiki, shine some light on HTML5 for me:

Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML5 specification, expects the specification to reach the Candidate Recommendation stage during 2012. The criteria for the specification becoming a W3C Recommendation is “two 100% complete and fully interoperable implementations”. In an interview with TechRepublic, Hickson guessed that this would occur in the year 2022 or later. However, many parts of the specification are stable and may be implemented in products

Alright folks, nothing to see here. Keep proceeding with your lives. Apple will get off of HTML5’s nuts eventually.


  1. Sounds what like something I’d do if I wanted to add leverage to push Silverlight — were a douchebag company.

    If I were Microsoft and wanted mobile Windows to stop failing as much, I’d give my customers everything they’d need to enjoy all of the web. Microsoft is not Apple when it comes to this sort of phone web standard muscle and they might want to stop pretending to be.

  2. @David: You know there are decaffienated brands on the market every but as tasty as the real thing!

    @Doug: You have limitiless gasline to throw on that fire don’t you? LMAO

    It’s okay boys, don’t be hatin!

  3. @ Simmons – Will WP7 launch with in browser Silverlight support? No. So your theory is as good as a Nexus One – no one is buying it. And Flash will be coming when Adobe gets their shit together so it’s not about pushing their brand.

    @Smith – I know…if you take that stuff and mix it with Red Bull t’s pretty decent :)

  4. You mean the browser whose market share has been declining about as fast as Windows Mobile and is about to dip below 50%, a group of folks most of whom don’t even know what a browser is let alone know of the alternatives than what came with their PC? That browser? Sure you want to bring that up?

  5. Chrome, huh. Yeah, hasn’t quite taken over the world yet, but in this next chart, if your IE can handle the most common vector image format, you’ll see that in the in the past 18 or so months it has had the highest growth rate, one that appears to be accelerating, of all of them. Which gives it an honorable mention.

    Take back what’s theirs? So you’re actually still confident you’ll win our bet? I want that fifty in escrow by the way.

  6. Parenthetically I like where you’re going with your article image pairing, not just screen shots and youtubes anymore but mixing it up a bit, … but man, this one is just disturbing.

  7. Yeah Simmons, real shocking that when the Europeans find that including a web browser with an OS is antitrust and force you to not bundle it that it leads to decreased marketshare. MS’s fault that they were too good. I thought you were all into open and free, but the market wasn’t able to compete with MS so the feds had to step in. Don’t worry, you guys are going to get just enough market to allow MS to bundle it again and then take back what’s theirs.
    And ont hat chart you point to love to see Chorme gaining rapidly- what is it, 4%? it’s a virtual takeover

  8. They had one chrome user, now they have 2. 100% market share increase!!!! fastest growing!! there’s something IE could never do.

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