Ever reach for your phone to snap a quick photo but first you need to unlock it and then launch the camera? Well that won’t happen with Windows Phone 7. As Paul Thurrott notes regarding a dedicated camera button:

This button is particularly genius, because it connects to a new software feature in Windows Phone that Microsoft calls "pocket to picture." So even if you’ve locked your phone, you can tap this button and take a picture, almost instantaneously. There’s no fumbling with the device’s lock screen and passcode, and then finding and launching the camera app.

Very cool. Apparently you can snap a photo but once snapped you can’t browse other photos or otherwise use the phone. It’s still locked but that won’t stop you from snapping a few pics.

And look, the demo phones have a front facing camera even if there’s no use for them…yet ;)


  1. Smitty – I was just thinking about my old Touch Dual that had a dedicated camera button on the side….I can’t tell you how many photo’s of my pocket that I had to delete. ;-)

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