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2K Play Goes Mobile in 2012

2K Play has just announced a few new games at E3 coming to our mobile devices this year. I’d like to be at E3, it would be fun I think but too bad it’s literally across the country from me. For now I guess I have to live vicariously through the PR that I get, and of course I’ll share anything noteworthy with you….


2K Play’s mobile lineup includes the following titles:

  • Comedy Central’s Indecision Game – Who’s smarter, Democrats or Republicans? Whichever side of the aisle you lean toward, you’ll need all your political savvy to survive the 2012 election season. Play this fast-paced battle of wits to test your knowledge of the powers that be (or might have been) and never “misunderestimate” your competition.
  • Fiasco the Cat™ Starring in House Pest™ – Meet Fiasco, the mischievous cat who will turn your house upside down in no time. Race against the clock to fix Fiasco’s latest disaster before your nosey neighbor or manic mother-in-law arrives! Hilarious hijinks and state-of-the-art animation put this game into a fun cat-e-gory of its own.
  • GridBlock™: The Puzzle Game You’ll Flip Over! – You’ll need smooth moves and a steely reserve as you flip, tilt, slide and shake electro-blocks into place on the GridBlock board – replete with obstacles and bright techno colors. Teleport through gravity-defying levels, maneuver around mind-numbing mazes and don’t get sucked into the black hole!
  • Herd, Herd, Herd™ – It’s pen-demonium at the Haywire Homestead! Help Farmer Jed herd clucking chickens, panicky pigs, spunky sheep and crazy cows into their pens before time runs out. As you progress, keep your eyes peeled for the sly fox and don’t catch chicken pox!
  • Carnival Games® MiniGolf – You may have played golf before but you’ve never played anything like Carnival Games MiniGolf. If you’re ready to journey back to Medieval Times, have a shootout in the Wild West and walk the plank in Pirate’s Delight – all for the sake of sinking a putt – then step right up for a hole-in-fun!