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“5 Minute Posts About Something Cool” Episode 1

Weclome back, mobilers. It seems like it’s been months since I’ve written anything, and with the official removal of the “Windows Mobile” category off the top of the site, I thought I’d put something in here for ya’all. Starting today, I’m going to be writing a new semi daily (or at least weekly) article for you guys called “5 Minute Posts About Something Cool”. Hopefully, this will end up being a helpful “filler” for you guys to read about my experiences from the perspective of a student on tight budget moving from Windows Mobile 6 to Android. Today I’m basically just going to explain where I’ve been for the last half a year, but future writings will hopefully have a theme and a short writing to go along with it.

Anyway, we’ll get started with a brief history of what happened since I posted last. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be the writer here for the regular Windows Mobile section of the blog (Windows Mobile 6 and below; like most people, I’ve given up on “Windows Mobile 7 Series” and beyond) before Windows Mobile kind of “left the scene”. It was a time of “turmoil” for me, because shortly after the end of October, my HTC Diamond died in an attempt to replace a cracked touchpanel. At this point, I made a hurried purchase to get a good deal and scored a used Samsung Epic for $50 (remember this was around November 2011). It had a bad ESN and (still has) some cracks near the “menu” softkey on the front, but it’s not too bad, and I can’t really afford to fix anything on it at the moment anyway . When I record my personal experiences here, that’s the device I’ll be referring to most often.

With the acquisition of the Epic came the painful reality of Android. Today, after numerous tweaks and adjustments, Android feels a little bit like the true sequel to Windows Mobile 6, for anyone looking for something to upgrade to. With this “upgrade”, I’ve found myself truly impressed at times with the hardware and software (responsiveness, stability, etc.), while other times I’ve been absolutely disappointed (lack of good media players, no good sync softwares, programs closing themselves, etc.). After my “first six months with Android”, there are a number of issues that definitely deserve to be written about.

I certainly hope to be able to dive into and address every one of those things and more in my writings as “5 minute Posts About Something Cool” continues to grow. Thanks for reading my posts here on Mobility Digest, and I look forward to reading feedback from you, the reader.