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Well Walter Smyth, Microsoft is on roll to prove you wrong

Well if you remember correctly few days back our Walter Smyth said Apple Watch could still beat Microsoft Band. Yeah, I could kind of agree to that, but Microsoft Band is not bad and Apple could sell your waste neatly packed and sell it to you for a huge profit and everyone knows that. And well our David K says it is still a beta watch, Microsoft is not claiming it as a watch, but it has good number of sensors (kind of 10 if you include Haptic Feedback Sensor). This what Walter Smyth said “Like the Windows Phone which is a highly reviewed device with a much more intuitive user interface, I just see the Microsoft Smart Watch getting lumped into the same category as the other devices Microsoft makes. I just don’t think Microsoft is there yet with a platform that appeals to “Post PC” consumer and I think it is this consumer that will drive the smart watch category sales and opt towards Apple Watch or Android smart watch.”

That’s kind of funny. While iPad is losing its shine, Surface Pro 3 is picking up where iPad is losing. Xbox One may be a kind of slow in acceptance, but now it is catching up to PS4 and could beat Sony shortly, who knows.

When I asked in our internal emails the same to Walter Smyth, our David K responded saying “Do you think this is it? A small limited release and no future availability? It feels like a beta but there had to be more than what they released. No idea what the real number is but it’s less than 100k available to date I’d guess. Well they may have released less 100K, but it has full potential.”

Microsoft sent an email to potential online buyers, who registered their email to get notified when the Microsoft Band is available for order, an email saying they are not selling Microsoft Bands online due to huge number of orders, but the buyers could try at local stores for the holiday period. Microsoft didn’t say they won’t sell them online future though. This is what Microsoft Store is saying in the email.

Dear Microsoft Store Customer,

Thank you for your interest in the Microsoft Band. Due to customer response, we no longer have any available for online sale. However, your local Microsoft Store may have some in stock through the holidays. Visit or call your local store. Find a store

To make it right, we’re giving you a one-time promo code good for $10 off your next purchase of $50 or more from the Microsoft online store.* “

One thing Walter Smyth and David K are forgetting, Microsoft Band is no Kin and no Amazon Fire Phone. And if Microsoft could integrate it with Kinect and Xbox 360/Xbox One, it will see more than whatever David K and Walter Smyth thought. What do you think?