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Altoids USB Battery Supply for your Phone

XDA forum member hockeyrcks9901 recently decided to make his own altoids USB battery supply for his phone and now he is trying to sell them to anyone else who wants one and does not have the knowledge, the skill or the time to make one of their own. Here is the setup he is using.

In the setup I’m using with Energizer rechargeables, the capacity is 6Wh. If you decide to use alkaline batteries, the capacity would be somewhere around 7.5Wh. The internal battery of our phones is 5.55Wh. So theoretically, you could get another full charge using this design, however, there are inefficiencies and I believe it’s around 60-75% of a full charge depending on the type of battery used. I’m running down my phone right now to test it to get a better number.

He recently lost his job so he is trying to make a few bucks here and there while he gets another job. He is planning on selling them for $30-35 a piece including shipping (he is still checking shipping costs). I dont think he would make a ton of profit on this other than a few bucks and whole lot of altoids from all the tins he will have to empty out.

So if you want one of these bad boys head over to the XDA thread and leave comment.

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