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Android Eats Its Own

If you’re an Android OEM you’re pretty much reduced to slapping the latest greatest hardware you can find with any Android build you happen to have lying around and pushing it out the door only to count to five and unleash the next superphone to hunt it down and devour it.  The competition for Android OEMs started off being the iPhone but now things have escalated so quickly that the iPhone is an afterthought.  The fierce frenemy they are all facing are themselves having completely bypassed competing OEMs.

The Atrix 4G, you remember that phone don’t you.  The mother of all super phones with a whopping 1GB of RAM on board, Tegra 2 processor plus a 4” screen to salivate over and even docks and premium accessories to go with it.  Apparently the sales are going so well that you can get the phone for the sensational price of $29.99 at Best Buy.  You read that right, $29.99 online.  I wondered why such a spectacularly spec’d phone would be selling for feature phone pricing and some Android fans graciously left their opinions in the comment section.  Take a peek below.

Am I seriously reading people complaining about the locked bootloader as the reason they’d never buy the Atrix and why the sales suck?  This phenomenon is isolated to the Android platform and is one headache I’m sure the Android OEMs wish they didn’t have to deal with.  Somewhere Steve Jobs is snickering at competitors having to defend securing their own devices.  Even the attack on the 4” screen seems rather indicative of the phenom fever that has taken over the Android world.  The message is clear, bring your best everyday and even then your 15 minutes is just that 15 minutes then the next superstar Great Phone Ever takes the stage.

If Apple came out with a dock that the Atrix did there would be awards being delivered to Cupertino as we speak but Motorola’s customers are laughing at them for confusing thinking too highly of themselves.  Android fans know if they wait for the calendar to flip to the next month there will be something even cooler to covet.  Oh to be a scavenger of an Android phone graveyard.  You could probably build a rocket ship with the amount of awesome tech that gets trampled on by its own.  Good for the customers indeed, OEMs you only have yourselves to blame for getting into a Tech War with yourselves.  All consumers are laughing all the way to the savings bank.  I have to admit, things are looking pretty great for Android users and just another shining example of why the Android platform continues to churn out daily activations that would make your head spin.

Source: Brandon Miniman & Best Buy