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Apple’s Siri Guru leaves to pursue family and other interests

Everyone by now has heard of Siri, Apple’s new voice control office assistant that has captured the most attention on the new iPhone 4S. With no physical changes to the device other than camera and processor, which both performed well on the iPhone 4, Apple has had to rely mainly on iOS 5 to set the 4S apart from it’s predecessor. With over 200 improvements including an Android style notifications update, it’s Siri that still gets all the attention. 

But as innovative as Siri is and how well it works, it still has so much more opportunity to integrate more apps into it’s abilities like controlling music which would make it more than the amazing software it is now. So it is today’s news that Apple’s guru on Siri, Dag Kittlaus, that has left the company that is a bit concerning that new development will come in the near future. Dag, who was the CEO of Siri (the company) since 2007 before Apple bought them in 2010 that helped pave the way to integrating it into iOS and making it what it is today.

Dag leaves behind other Siri team members with Apple to continue the pursuit of future development while he heads home to Chicago to spend time with the family and look at other opportunities, which he probably has a ton of right now. Hopefully we will see continued development of Siri as we start the LONG and exhausting rumor process that will lead up to the iPhone 5. In case you are wondering, rumor has it that Siri will be able to make you breakfast on the new curved screen of the iPhone 5 which also doubles as a skillet to make bacon and eggs. The only reason the iPhone 5 was delayed was that Siri was having trouble not breaking the yoke trying to make egg’s over easy. The Sprint Exclusive was actually real too, it was just that Dan Hesse (Sprint head knocker) hated eggs and was pressing for a 20 billion dollar French Toast option.

By the way Dag, the wife just called Apple, seems the dog crapped in the hallway again. May want to ask Siri about electric fences before you head home brother.