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Apple To Start Marketing The iPad To Cats?

Love it or hate it, the Apple iPad has captured a lot of attention in the media and on countless Mobility Blogs across the internet. With all the attention we have given the iPad, it appears that there is one forgotten demographic that Apple intends to start going after. The Feline population. No, I don’t mean girls or anything of that nature, but cats. That’s right cats. The iPad has gone to the cats. If you don’t believe me, check this video out:

So to start their advertising out on the right foot, not sure of that is the right front or the back right on a cat, Apple will be adopting a version of the GIECO commercial, “So easy a caveman can do it”, in favor of “The iPad, so easy, a cat can do it”. Negotiations are under way to get Garfield to stand in as a celebrity endorsement, but both sides have refused to comment on the status thus far or have returned our phone calls. (Shocking huh?)

Okay, enough of the humor. Hope you all have a great weekend and please don’t forget to vote for Fuze Mobility in the Wirefly Blog Awards!