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Apple’s iPad Could Be Behind Your Rash

If you have been suffering from an unexplained rash lately and cannot pinpoint where it came from then you might try looking at your Apple iPad. As it turns out the iPad’s outer coating contains nickel, which is one of the most common allergy-inducing metals. A San Diego boy claims his iPad, which he uses daily is the cause of his scaly patches aka rash. When he didn’t respond to common treatments, San Diego Children’s Hospital ran some tests and concluded that it was nickel allergy.

Even though nickel allergies are common in some other other metal based jewelry and other sorts of carry along items like Zippo lighters, it will be the Apple iPad that gets the most attention to be sure as people start to connect the dots between their rashes and iPads. The San Diego boy ultimately got better after he put his Apple iPad in a protective case. And why wasn’t it before that young man?