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Army Ranger Challenge Is Effen Fun and Free

I just downloaded Army Ranger Challenge and I’m liking it already and yes, it was developed for the Army’s Best Ranger Competition. It’s three minigames that let you “Experience the 2010 Best Ranger Competition” so there’s a pugil stick jousting event, a parachuting event and an obstacle course. The pugil stick lets you tilt your device to dodge/move and then you can hit left/right, block and push. First to fall three times loses. The parachute jump has you pulling the parachute cords left and right to hit a target and you control when the chute releases and try to get the best distance. Then there’s an obstacle course where you have to jump and dodge objects and it’s a reaction game. It’s all very well put together with nice graphics and an unbeatable price. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some pugil sticking to do.

Here’s a download link to Marketplace.