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Ask The Readers: WP8 App Development? Where do I Start?

In about 2 weeks, I get a break for about 2 and half weeks with nothing productive on my agenda. I thought why not learn the basics of app development for windows phone 8 and windows 8? However, I am not sure where to start and this is where I need your help! I don’t have any previous app development experience but I am willing to learn and I can usually pick up things pretty fast. I plan on spending about 8-10 hours a day on this project (I need to keep my brain on my regular medical school schedule or else I will struggle to get back in the groove once classes start again) So I am willing to spend about 50 hours a week on studying app development which is less than what I spend normally studying during the semester but it will keep my brain engaged instead of just being a lazy a$$.

So where do I start? What books, tools, online resources or anything else should I start gathering? Any advice or links to resources would be great. I know I can’t learn complete app development in 2 weeks but at least I can start and build on it. So let me know where I should start.