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AT&T WP7 Phone Details: All 1ghz, 5MP; ONLY Focus Is Launching Nov 8; Pics Included

From AT&T: (notice the lack of front facing camera)

All three Windows Phones from AT&T will be available in AT&T company-owned retails stores and online at for $199.99. The Samsung Focus will be available on November 8 and the HTC Surround and LG Quantum will be available in time for the holidays.

Each of the three smartphones sports a capacitive glass touch screen, 5-megapixel camera and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, but is designed to appeal to different types of customers. The new Windows Phones for AT&T customers are:

  • HTC Surround – premiers as the first smartphone to include integrated Dolby Mobile and SRS surround sound speakers. The HTC Surround speakers slide-out and reveal a kickstand for watching video beneath its 3.8-inch touch screen. HTC Surround blurs the line between home and mobile entertainment, making games, music and video on the go more enjoyable than ever.
  • LG Quantum™ – designed for work, play and everything in between. With a slide-out keyboard for quick use of Office Mobile®, users can stay active and up to date with work. The LG Quantum also features DLNA technology through a preloaded application called Play To, which allows users to wirelessly stream videos, music, and pictures from the phone to a DLNA-enabled TV, stereo, Windows 7 PC and other consumer electronics devices.
  • Samsung Focus™ – debuts as AT&T’s thinnest Windows Phone and offers a visually stunning experience with a Super AMOLED™ screen on a sleek 9.9 mm-thin touch screen phone. With the Focus’™ amazingly crisp, brilliant screen, photos, games and videos come alive.

Each new Windows Phone from AT&T will include AT&T U-verse Mobile, an app that allows users to download and watch hit shows on their smartphone. U-verse TV subscribers with certain packages will be able to download and watch hit TV shows for no extra charge, and all U-verse TV customers can also schedule and manage their DVR recordings from the app. For the first time, U-verse Mobile will be available nationwide — even to those who are not U-verse TV customers — for just $9.99 per month. Subscribers can access the full content library, select which series or specific episode to download over Wi-Fi, and view on the go wherever they have their Windows Phone.

For a limited time, AT&T customers who choose Windows Phone will get a free Entertainment Pack, redeemable at This offer will provide a download to ‘ilomilo’, an Xbox LIVE Arcade game exclusive to Windows Phones from AT&T through the end of the year. In the game, ilo and milo always seems to get separated from each other in their surrealistic world of cubes, and players work to help them reunite. Ilomilo is a stunning example of the incredible graphics and quality of gaming available on Windows Phones through Xbox LIVE.

The offer also includes a free 30-day trial offer for U-verse Mobile and Zune Pass, which gives customers the ability to download or stream more than tem million songs from Zune plus the option to download and keep ten songs after the subscription ends. Ilomilo, and a month each of U-verse Mobile and Zune Pass combined represent a nearly $30 value.