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WM Game Droplets Now Available For Windows Phones

You may recall when Droplets was available for Windows Mobile, followed by Droplets 2 and anyone who has played it knows it’s a sweet sweet logic game. Let me borrower liberally from myself:

Droplets is a logic game for WM but really excels aesthetically while being a great challenge. You need to slide the bubbles into the other bubbles so that there’s only one left but with each hit you have to hit a bubble (you can’t just move them). It’s a nice game of skill that keeps you going and reminds me of Meon a bit in terms of addictiveness…If you liked Meon or like skill games I highly recommend you try this out. Very smooth game play, looks great and is a good challenge. If you get hooked then you’ll have to drop two big ones down to keep going:)

This one is great looking, addictive and now available for Windows Phones for $2 (sorry, no trial but many of us know the game already). If you were hooked on this one before you witched phones you can now pick up that addiction where you left it off.

FYI the publisher, XIM Inc also has Tic Tac Toe in both a free and paid version for Windows Phones and they’re getting 4-5 stars which is stellar so you may want to check them out also for their sheer aesthetics.